Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve there issues with going to court.  It is often used in court cases to resolve cases without the need for a judge (or jury) to rule.  The mediation process is less rigid than either court or arbitration and helps the parties come to a resolution.  

Unlike other forms of alternative dispute resolution, mediation is not binding.  Many ask why attend if it is not binding.  When successful, mediation saves the parties large sums of money and the parties get to determine the final outcome. To give you the best chance at a successful mediation, you need to find the right mediator. 

The right mediator for your matter needs to familiar with the type of matter in dispute and legally trained. Frequently parties seek out an attorney (either active or retired) with experience handlining similar lawsuits. However, the best litigators are not always good mediators - as they are often very aggressive. Successful mediators are good at getting parties and lawyers calm down and reach a consensus. 

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